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Acrylic fibre tree Operating temperature 80°C max.
three different sizes: 
0.75mm (max. 750 fibers)
1.00mm (max. 400 fibers)
1.50mm (max. 165 fibers)

Lenght depending on your request!
Delivery time minimum 2 weeks


Acrylic fibre tree

including heat-resistant dowel 120°C max.
for acryl and glass fiber optics with G3 end sleeve
bore diameter in plaster boards 10 mm, 
in wood 10,50 mm

Austrittselement V2A size 8

Endfitting V2A size 8

heat resistant 140° C max.
L= 30 mm, AD= 6 mm,
bore diameter in wood 5,10 mm, in plastic or 
aluminium 5,00 mm

Austrittselement für Acrylfaser

Endfittin for acrylic fibre

Glass fibre tree Operating temperature 200°C max.
eight different sizes: 
size ¾   (max. 400 fibers)
size 1.5 (max. 240 fibers)
size 3    (max. 120 fibers)
size 8    (max.   54 fibers)
size 14  (max.   32 fibers)
size 18  (max.   26 fibers)
size 24  (max.   16 fibers)
size 36  (max.   10 fibers)

megalon coverage – IFR (Inherently Fire Resistant)

Lenght depending on your request!
Delivery time minimum 4 weeks


glass fibre tree

inl. power 3/1 LED with heat sinks

is compatible with controllers [47] and [48]
aswell as with Fasel‘s 
FCU Series controllers

LED projector to be used with 
acrylic or glass fiber optics.
Especially if you need to connect other LED‘s with your starry sky.
For example a backrest lighting or your sauna oven lighting.
All these LED‘s are totally synchronizeable!

Adapter for quarter bundle head 220.414.4/4

LED Projektor

LED projector

pecial treated acrylic fibers in different 
sizes to accent angles, spurs etc.

for satisfying effects it is 
recomended to use a 150 watts 
HQI-light source only!
Delivery time minimum 4 weeks


glass fibers 1,00 mm 
with clear PVC-coverage.
broken fibers provide lots of individual glowing spots
for usage as light curtain 
or in salt works
Delivery time minimum 4 weeks


body for light access 
including O-ring, sealing, disk, screw nut, counter nut, locking ring and bezel for light access with glass lense and O-ring

angle of radiation: 40°
AD= 27,50 mm
DA=      18 mm

Unterwasserstrahler 40°

underwater spotlight 40°

thread M14 
incl. sealing ring and counter nut

angle of radiation: 60°
max. 42 pieces acrylic fibers 0.75 mm
AD= 27,50 mm
DA=      18 mm

Unterwasserstrahler 60°

underwater spotlight 60°

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